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Sunday, 20th January, 2019

Welcome to Barbara Ruth, a joint venture by a couple of friends who think so highly of themselves that they have decided their banter deserves its own website.


Barbara Ruth is a platform on which different perspectives on common topics will be shared and discussed.  The underlying hope is that exposure to varying viewpoints can perhaps affect readers’ perceptions in a positive way. Are you “all in” when it comes to parenthood?  Tell us everything! Does the thought of parenthood cause you to feel that weird tingle in your stomach and you’d rather not?  That’s okay, too. Tell us all about it.


We affectionately view this site as a sort of choose your own adventure. Take what you will from it, leave what you can. We are still getting to know it, just like we’re still getting to know ourselves. We honestly don’t know what the product will be, where it will go, or what it will become. But we do know that we’re interested in figuring out what we have to say about certain topics – and we’re interested in hearing what you all have to say, too.


Thanks for joining us!


Our Team:


Tara Crawford

Tara works in marketing but dreams of a simpler life as a farm hand, where she’d spend her days tending to the rabbits and guinea pigs. A lover of books, coffee, wine, having too much fun, and the Oxford comma, she’s excited to share her experiences with our readers.




Anne Pedro, Editor-in-Chief







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